Resiliency Planning

Developed with input from industry specialists, including the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, UC Berkeley, and grazing consultants, our innovative fire plan goes above and beyond code to ensure resiliency.


On-site emergency response system, including high-definition fire detection cameras and high-tech communication methods

Multiple evacuation routes out of the property, along with several meeting locations on site as temporary refuge areas

72 miles of roadway fuel breaks anchored by 50-foot fuel reduction buffers on each side of every two-lane road

Underground power lines throughout the property

Exterior fire suppression systems on all primary structures

Sitewide irrigated buffer, including vineyards, orchards, gardens and recreational fields β€” as well as irrigated residential, resort and facility landscapes

Reduction of dry grasses and understory vegetation in hard-to-access areas by grazing goats, sheep and cattle


72 Miles

of fuel breaks built
around two-lane roads

University of California, Berkeley Partnership

Developers have also partnered with UC Berkeley. Results of this research will include:

  • An understanding of the use of landscape features (e.g., vineyards) as a fuel-load reduction strategy within the wildland urban Interface
  • A new framework for minimizing fire risk

Developers contributed funds to a challenge between teams under the guidance of Dr. Thomas Azwell. The teams will apply engineering knowledge, data science, social science, design and emerging technologies to explore and prototype new solutions to different aspects of the wildfire early detection challenge. The findings of this study will not only be applied to Guenoc Valley, but will be made available to government agencies, organizations and individuals in the region with an interest in advances in early wildfire detection, so that benefits can be realized throughout the region.

β€œAt the end of the day, the beauty of the land is the essence of the project.”

Jonathan Breene, Partner


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