The land is our most important partner

Project Vision
& Philosophy

At all of our projects, we form an elegant and purposeful partnership with the land. The Guenoc Valley Project is designed to exist in harmony with the landscape, which becomes the blueprint and inspiration for everything we do. We call it “listening to the land,” and at Guenoc Valley, the land has a powerful voice. With less than 10% of the project’s acreage slated for development, nature will take center stage.


The concept of listening to the land is incorporated into every element of the Guenoc Valley Project. Every piece is meticulously partnered with the natural world it will live and breathe in.

90% of the project land

will remain managed rural landscape.

Project Overview

The Guenoc Valley Project is a master-planned, mixed-use development in Lake County, dedicated to preserving open spaces, native plants and habitats through responsible, sustainable development. In partnership with Adrian Zecha, the premier creator of land-inspired, low-impact developments, Guenoc Valley will serve as a model for the future of responsible and sustainable practices for our other projects.

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Landscape Stewardship

Our dedication to Zecha’s vision of not intruding into nature is evident in our native plant nursery and propagation commitment to sustain and promote a native, and in some cases, endemic landscape within Guenoc Valley. It’s a stewardship inspired by the land and defined and molded by the vistas.

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Resiliency Planning

Our voluntary and proactive Wildfire Prevention Plan goes above code standards, with innovative fire prevention measures for added resiliency. We hope our project is integral in helping define and is an example of resiliency planning for today’s challenges.

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Economic Impact

Over the next 10 years, the project plans to bring hundreds of career opportunities, road safety improvements and revenue increases to support community resources.

The Local

Our relationship with the surrounding community is as important to us as is our connection to nature. We hope to establish lifelong relationships that allow us to share, build and grow together.

800 Direct Jobs

anticipated over the
next 10 years, providing
luxury hospitality training
and workforce opportunities.