Community Involvement

Guenoc Valley has deep roots in agriculture, and the project will serve to highlight that industry and incorporate the broader community in its offerings. Both historic and active agricultural practices, such as vineyards and grazing operations, will not only continue, but also expand to on-site food production. Promotion of local produce and artisans’ products, farm-to-table restaurants, farmers markets, and recreational activities will ensure the continued viability of Lake County’s agricultural culture and economy.


Our keystone of agritourism is centered around offerings such as community-supported agriculture, local food production, and farm-to-table experiences. Through these offerings, the project will preserve and protect the continued viability of Lake County’s agricultural culture.

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Environmental Awareness Workforce Training

All construction personnel will be provided environmental awareness training with materials prepared by a qualified biologist to ensure that construction personnel can:

  • Identify sensitive habitats and special status wildlife species and take the appropriate actions in that encounter
  • Identify nesting bird behavior that would indicate that they are being disturbed by construction practices

The construction personnel will also work closely with a tribal monitor or cultural adviser to ensure proper respect and precautions are taken regarding sensitive cultural elements.


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We are committed to building a flourishing community hub where the locals are the pulse and backbone. This project encompasses a robust agricultural offering, farmers markets, artisan shops, restaurants, a hotel and more. Your art, hard work and craftsmanship will offer the best local experience and service to visitors who join us. And we will ensure that the local community has the first access to these opportunities.

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